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NES Retreat

Maybe I'm just way too sentimental for my own good, or perhaps I'm taking my love for Contra too far, but I feel this game deserves an entire directory on my site. Why Contra? Why such a shallow game with so much emphasis on brainlessly blasting away anything that moves? Why choose this game above all others? Where others see some moderately fun action game, I see a deep, intuitive sea of gameplay, with a varitable amalgam of action, replayability, and an edge to it that epitomizes late eighties culture through the eyes of the 8 year old kid I used to be.

Contra is more than a game to me. Much, much more. It is the raw definition of myself as a gameplayer. I play the game almost religiously, and am put into a zone of pure bliss as I play it. Am I taking it too far? Perhaps. But who better to dedicate a page to Contra than someone like me? So I'm going to relay to you my observation of the game inside and out, from my perspective, and try, however hard it may be, to give you an opinion of what you may think of Contra if you aren't quite as crazy about it as myself. Enjoy.

Keep in mind I'm not a web-design genius. I don't have any programs to help me, I don't know javascript, I can't do Flash programs, and I certainly don't know DHTML. In fact I'm a relative newbie to HTML, so my page may not showcase the graphical flair that such a game as Contra deserves. What I can guarantee you, though, is that this page will be written articulately and showcase the highlights of Contra. So while it may not have the bells and whistles you may expect for such a dedication, I think the content will make up for that.

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All screenshots, characters or items from Contra or any likeness thereof are copyrighted (c) and TM Konami Corporation

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