Blaster Master Blasting Again preview
Blaster Master: Blasting Again

I know I rag on 3D updates to classic games a lot, but this seems like one series that could bode well in a 3D environment, due to the exploration theme. The original Blaster Master is one of my favorite NES games, and the Playstation update, Blasting Again, seems like a worthy successor.

If you didn't play the original, it centered around the main character, Jason's quest to find his pet frog fred who had gotten into a radioactive box in the backyard (as if radioactive boxes just SHOW UP in peoples back yards) and mutated before sinking into the ground. When he jumps down the hole made by his now giant frog, he discovers an underground world (which inexplicably contain clouds and a sky) and a futuristic mechanized tank named Sofia the Third right in front of him. He goes off to find him. Stupid storyline, I know, but the Japanese game had a vastly different story, and Blasting Again will play off of that storyline, the only tie to the American original is that they use Jasons name. In Blasting Again, you play as Jasons kids, Rody and Elfie, who must go underground to find thier missing father in another version of Sofia (Sofia the fourth, I would think but I'm not certain). The full storyline is unknown as of now, and Blasting Again should be out in the fall of 2000, in the states. All in all it looks good to me, I can't wait to find out how the game is when it comes out.


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