Blaster Master: Enemy Below

I'm very pleased with the recent news on Blaster Master EB. Until now, little was known about it, but Nintendo just put up a new section on thier site. Enemy Below will play just like the original Blaster Master, one of my favorite games. The play control is near perfect, it should be one of the best games the GBC has ever seen. Also, Enemy Below will have one major improvement -- a password save feature! To Blaster Master players this should be music to your ears. What got me excited about this game is that Nintendo announced that it will be for Gameboy Color and monochrome GB. This news should make many people like me happy who never seemed interested enough to buy GBC but still own the original gameboy or gameboy pocket. I'm especially glad to hear this because I almost bought a GBC just to play Enemy Below, imagine my dissapointment when I'd have heard this news.

The main character in Enemy Below is Jason from the original. Reportedly, the story goes like this: A few years after Jason finishes tearin' up that bastard plutonium boss, a tribe from underground comes up to ask his assistance to stop war that is dividing the entire underground. Not that enthralling, unlike the novel-like first installment. Who could forget it, one man's inner struggle to free his pet frog from the forces of evil...(j/k). Anywho, this game is said to tie into Blaster Master: Blasting Again which will come out later in the year for Playstation. This double blitz of Blaster Master games is exciting, especially after a 12 year shortage of a decent sequel. Expect Blaster Master: Blasting Again sometime this Spring.


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