Conker: Bad Fur Day

The biggest surprise to come out of Nintendo and it's second party developers in recent years (or perhaps ever), Conker: Bad Fur Day (also known as Conkers Bad Fur Day in some circles) has done a complete roundabout from when it was first announced as Conkers Quest. Stunning the videogame media and fans alike, Conker now sports an 'M' rating, right when everyone started ganging up on Rare for making too much kiddie crap. Just take a look at the Conker section of Rares website, where you are cussed at by various game characters when you click on the banner. One of the bosses in the game is a furnace boss, much in the vein of Banjo Kazooie, the twist is that he has a swinging pair of testacles he attacks you with. When the game starts out, you are met with a spoof of Saving Private Ryan, with many cute furry animals being blasted to hell and back while the brains and blood pile up. Female squirrels will seduce Conker, prompting many adult situations. It's sick, it's sadistic, it's in downright bad taste -- and I like it!

Reportedly the game will feature Conker as the stereotypical ultra-cute Rare character he's always been, who's slipped into this world of filth and corruption. Also, it will spoof many films like Jaws and Saving Private Ryan, for example, much like in Gex. The movie parody edge and the potty-mouth humor, coupled of course with Rare's unmatched quality when making a 3D platformer, should give Conker: Bad Fur Day just what it needs to become a monumental success and an N64 classic. It's been in development for damn-near 4 years, it better be good! Expect this one holiday season of this year.


Hey check out this Conker: BFD site that I just found for a more in-depth look at the game.

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