Castlevania Ressurection

Castlevania Ressurection for the DC was met with little excitement when it was announced and the first screenshots surfaced. The graphics seemed a little choppy for a dreamcast game, and it looked too far-out to be in the Castlevania series. But in all fairness the game IS pretty early in development, and could turn out well when the final version comes out.

Apparently, the storyline will introduce time travel into the series. Sonia Belmont, the mother of the Belmont legacy, and Trevor Belmont, the newcomer, are brought to the year 1666 to fight the "ultimate" battle against Dracula (they say that every time). The game looks as if it plays much like Castlevania for the N64, but it was reported that the playable demo at E3 played much worse than C64. I hope it improves by the time it's released. Castlevania Ressurection will be the first Castlevania game to be produced entirely in the U.S., an upset to many who like the anime edge of some of the recent games in the series. Let's hope they don't screw this up like they did to the Contra series. Castlevania Ressurection is reportedly coming out in Spring of this year.


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