Metal Slug: Second Mission

Metal Slug: Second Mission will, of course, be the sequel to the, in my opinion, best game on the upstart Neo Geo Pocket Color system, MS: First Mission. I recently got a chance to play First Mission through emulation (what, you think I'm gonna buy a system for one game?), and I was pleased with what I played, it's much like Contra only with short dwarf-like characters with better AI. Second Mission will play exactly like the first NGPC installment, and will run off of the same engine. However, Second Mission is greatly improved by having very impressive graphics (better than most of the SNES graphics), and more ammunition, powerups and vehicles. Additions include rocket launchers and a submarine for underwater missions. I was unable to get the rights to post any pictures, IGN has put up thier own preview of Metal Slug: Second Mission with many screenshots for NGPC owners to salivate over. Check it out here. It looks to me like Metal Slug: Second Mission will be a big improvement over First Mission, and is a must-buy for NGPC owners. Expect it by the end of April.


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