Ninja Gaiden preview
Ninja Gaiden 4

Another NES classic gets an upgrade on a next generation console, whoopee. Not much is known about Ninja Gaiden for the Playstation 2 at the moment, but it has appeared on release lists for Sony's upcoming technological juggernaut. Needless to say I'm not impressed by the news and am willing to bet that the game will suck. Tecmo has said, as reported on the Ninja Gaiden Homepage that "Ninja Gaiden would likely be somewhat of an amalgam of titles like Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Brothers, Tomb Raider, and Tenchu - but with a mood and spirit of its own". Excuse me while I puke, looks like another classic series getting exploited by a 3D game that plays nothing like the original. Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against 3D games and I think some classic games can be done nicely as a 3D sequel, but not Ninja Gaiden. The original Ninja Gaiden and it's NES sequels were very fast paced, dont-turn-around-or-you-die action games, and it seems to me to be impossible to incorporate that theme into a 3D game. More likely than not it will include exploration and stealth, in fact Tecmo said it would be very stealth based. While the game sounds like a hoot, it doesn't sound like a worthy successor to the Ninja Gaiden heritage. The game will reportedly launch with the pricey Playstation 2 unit.


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