If this ranting seems a little too hasty, it is probably because I'm exhausted right now, I've been up just over 24 hours and I'm trying to stay awake so I don't fall asleep and miss the rest of the day (it's my birthday, ya know). But even when I'm this tired, I came across something that enfuriated me so much I just had to rant about it right now. Take a look at this poll that was recently up on videogames.com:

Which of the following companies do you feel develops the best games?
Electronic Arts

Results: Square: 32%
Nintendo: 27%
Sega: 15%
Capcom: 9%
Namco: 5%
Electronic Arts: 5%
Konami: 3%

Is it just me, or is this picture seriously screwed up? Konami could wax the floor with those other guys, the only company that can compete is Nintendo, who, in all fairness, do make some pretty damn good games. Let's take a look at a few of these companies, shall we?

Square: Came in first place, a good company, who started out making games seemingly like any other company. Then when they were just about out of the game, they put all thier eggs into one basket and called it "Final Fantasy", and the game, modeled after Dragon Warrior, got them not just out of debt but rocketed them to the level of superstardom amongst game developers. For a while there Square was unbeatable, making some of the greatest games ever such as Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger, but with the release of the Playstation Square went downhill fast and most of thier recent games I wouldn't deem worthy to wipe my ass with, with an increased emphasis on cinema and less and less emphasis on game value.

Capcom: Probably Konamis biggest competitor, seeing as to how they make games in similar genres, but Capcom games have never, and I stress never, had the edge and intensity of Konamis games. Probably the biggest Capcom franchise, Megaman, is the same game recycled over and over, while in comparison, each Castlevania title brings something new to the series. Capcom made a ton of overrated games, such as Bionic Commando. Also, they are notorious for creating different games that are almost exactly alike, or have strong similarities, such as all Megaman games, Bionic Commando/Strider, all Street Fighter 2 incarnations as well as the Street Fighter Alpha games. And lets not forget how long it took Capcom to count to 3. Overall, they're an alright company, but they have nothing on Konami, who I will defend until the end as the best damn game developer in existance.

Konami: The company responsible for about 50% of Earths supply of good games. Think of all the successful series, Castlevania, Contra, Suikoden, TMNT, Mystical Ninja and Goemon games, Metal Gear, Gradius, more than I can mention, plus tons of great one-offs. Konami never dissapoints, and is the only company that consistently produces great games, and is repaid by being voted last in this poll. It's a disgrace that so many gamers out there feel this way, if you ask me.

Too many gamers are limiting themselves to 80-hour Squaresoft cinematic RPGs. Give me a good old Konami action game any day of the week, I find it impossible to play more than 2 RPGs in a row, or play almost any RPG for a long period of time, not enough action. That's what lies at the root of all videogames, action. Look in just about any encyclopedia and it will describe videogames as being something to the effect of "games played on a TV set or on an arcade machine, utilizing video-movement with an emphasis on intense action". I dont get any kicks out of pressing the circle button for 3 hours straight while I read about the whiny bastard of a main character being an emotional wreck, I'd much rather be kickin' ass in Ninja Gaiden or whippin the hell out of monsters in Castlevania.

If there is a point to this rambling, it is that I think the gaming society is leaning towards RPGs way too much nowadays and doesn't know how to appreciate a good action game, of which Konami is the king of.

Special Thanks to Chimpboy X for showing me the results of this poll, and thereby prompting this ranting.

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