Anti-smoking ranting

I don't know what's up with this sudden backlash of criticism against smokers. And before you get the wrong idea, I myself am not a smoker, cigarettes absolutely disgust me, both of my parents are heavy chainsmokers and growing up around that I saw how horrible smoking is, and because of that I'm disgusted when I even go around a cigarette. But I still don't agree with the anti-smoking propaganda out there. Some of the campaigns are OK, like the highly criticized Philip Morris campaign, thier commercials seem intelligent, informative and persuasive, even if they are only making them because they're court ordered to. My main problem is with the Truth commercials. If you haven't seen them (i.e. you've been living in a tree), it's a bunch of arrogant kids that make prank calls to higher-ups of established tobacco companies, cause mischief on the property of the Marlboro company building and majorly twist around the words of tobacco officials in senate hearings, much in the same style as a corrupt politician who's running for office slanders his opponent's name. What is this organization trying to accomplish? If no one smoked anymore, a large section of the farmers would run out of money and starve, due to the fact that they don't know any other trade, we're talking almost a million people here. There's always 2 sides to every story. But of course we don't have anything to worry about, because these Truth commercials certainly aren't convincing ANYBODY. If I were a little more tolerant of cigarettes I would start smoking just to spite those motherfuckers.


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