You may wonder why my site covers all of the systems it does. It's not a very common thing to see, most of the gaming sites out there that I visit are made 1 of 2 ways - the first being an NES dedicated site, or an occasional SNES site, that only covers that system and often despises newer age gaming. The second is your run of the mill site with PSX or N64 coverage and previews of the next generation systems. So what do I stand to gain by making my site the way it is? NES players may not like it because I cover the supposedly hideous N64, other gamers may not like it because I review "ancient" NES and SNES games. Not many can appreciate it for what it is. So why did I make it this way? I'll tell you why, it's a reflection of the games ::I:: play, and I'll make a site I would enjoy reading, and hope perhaps someone else can share that enjoyment. I have nothing against people that hate N64 games, nor do I care if you're a new gamer with no appreciation for the NES, but I'm not that way. I don't want to limit myself by sticking with the older systems, and at the same time I want to try what's new. I'll admit, though, I almost made a site devoted entirely to the NES. The NES is my favorite system, and still to this day I have it hooked up more often than my SNES, PSX or N64, it is where my roots lie in gameplaying and still to this day seems to impress me all the time with great games I've never played before. But I didn't make an NES site, my heart's just not in it. I'm not going to lie, when I first got my N64 I was playing it non-stop for days. Super Mario 64 absolutely floored me, and is my favorite Mario game above all others. More games like that came out, but they come few and far between. I didn't have a hard time adapting to 3D games, unlike some NES players who can't or simply don't want to. And I'm not knocking people like that, or trying to make myself look better because I play all the systems, it's simply an explanation of why my site covers all of the new systems and the NES and SNES at the same time. I can absolutely respect your opinion if you feel like the N64 is trash, or the NES is ancient history, just respect mine in return.


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