Buck Bumble review
Buck Bumble

Buck Bumble may sound kind of stupid, a cyborg bee flying around blowing things up, but its much more than that. In many areas, stealth and manueverability is the key, not just pressing the shoot button as fast as you can. The 2 player games are also great, and provide a good amount of replay value to Buck Bumble. I think Ubisoft made a great game with Buck Bumble.


The graphics are nice, and colorful, but a little too blocky for N64 standards. Pop up is not a problem in this game, and the bosses have a good amount of detail to them. Buck has a large variety of landscapes to fly over, from underground sewers to outside picnic areas, it looks like our world from the eyes of a bee. Good job on graphics, but they could have been less blocky, that makes it look like a first generation N64 game.
Graphics score: 75


The selling point for every game, the gameplay in Buck Bumble is great. You can stop and turn on a dime, fly in any direction imaginable, dive bomb enemies and crawl on the ground. Buck has a selection of 10 guns to choose from, and each one is very unique, from the simple wrist laser, your starting gun, to guided missiles that you guide yourself. Buck Bumble is the James Bond of the insect world. Enemy dogfights offer a lot of fun and challenge. It can sometimes be tedious, though, when you are trying to hit a small bee flying around you at a fast pace, and you cant hit him. You also have the option of playing a game of soccer with a friend, which offers a whole new aspect of the gameplay.
Gameplay rating: 83


Buck Bumbles storyline is like your ordinary action game storyline, except it involves insects. The insects living around the local powerplant have begun mutating from living there too long. They have banded together and formed the evil H.E.R.D. (Dont ask me what this stands for). Buck Bumble, a veteran of the insect army, has been called upon to put a stop to the H.E.R.D. He has been optimized with robotic features, and sets off to stop the evil and return peace to the powerplant. This would make a good storyline, if it didn't involve insects.
Storyline rating: 80


Buck Bumble opens up with one of the coolest and upbeat songs I've heard in a videogame. I heard a rumor that the guy who sings it (MC Lyte) sang a song from the old Shaft TV show , but I dont know about that. The music in the game is kind of techno, and goes well with the action, though none of it is memorable except the opening tune. The sound effects go really well with the game
Sound rating: 85


With 19 levels, Buck Bumble will keep you playing for a long time. Once you beat it though, you will find no reason to go back through it. To aid the replay value, though, is the 2 2 player modes, buzz ball and the typical all out battle between two Bucks. Buzz ball is a cool game where two players try to control a gigantic soccer ball into the others goal, very fun. The other is not as fun, but worth playing every once in a while, it is where 2 players have an all out dogfight. It is hard, though, because the small bees are a little too hard to hit. What would have been awesome is if Ubi Soft made these 2 games 4 player.
Replay value rating: 88


Some people dont like this game, some do, so I suggest renting it before buying to see how you like it.

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