Chrono Trigger review
Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a game that you will remember forever, it is one of those games that you can't wait to play because you heard it was so good, then when you play it, its even better than you thought it was going to be.


The first time I played Chrono Trigger, it was hard for me to pull myself away. Its easy to learn, and is a lot of fun to learn. The battle system in Chrono Trigger is top-notch, simply the best battle system in a RPG, though having just 3 person parties is kind of a downer. The overall look and feel of Chrono Trigger will astound you, and keep you hooked even after you beat it. I did, however, find myself wallowing along, not really interested in what happened to the characters that much, but on the upside, its very easy to figure out which tasks to do and when, I never once found myself wondering what to do next.


The graphics seem to put you inside this wonderful world, created by minds like Yuji Horii and Akira Toriyama of Dragonball fame. I cant think of a single thing bad to say about the graphics! They are, in my book, the best non-rendered graphics on the SNES, blowing away some PSX game graphics. Everything was created without a flaw, the spells are awesome, the opening intro is awesome, and this game has more breathtaking views than Final Fantasy 3. The game even makes an attempt at a 3D racing game, yes, a 3D RACING GAME! Though the graphics in the jet bike racing game are very blocky, its in perfect 3D and its a fun thing to do on the side. Going through this game is a treat. Graphics rating: 99


Very unique storyline, and very original. After you meet Marle in the town fair, the two of you go to check out your friend Luccas new warping machine. When Marle tries it, the ancient family necklace she is wearing activates a time portal and she is whisked back in time. Being the brave lad you are, you put the necklace on and go after her. I'm not going to reveal what happens from there and be a spoiler, just play the game. The storyline of the game is compelling, but I think Square could have done a better job of character developmnt. I never really had any feelings for the characters. Of course, it IS more character development than most RPGs, its just after playing Final Fantasy 3, the characters seem a bit sketchy. Storyline rating: 94


Can Squaresoft do anything wrong? The music in this game is absolutely some of the best I've heard. Frogs theme will bring a tear to your eye, World Revolution will make you feel like a powerful, omnipotent evil is at foot, the ending music will absolutely knock you off your feet, the music is just AMAZING! I made a tape with a bunch of Chrono Trigger songs on it, and used to listen to it a lot. The sound effects are all seemingly perfect, too. The sound just puts you even more into this fantasy world of Chrono Trigger. Nothing bad can be said about the sound. Sound rating: 100


Chrono Trigger is the KING of replay value, if you look up replay value up in the dictionary, it will tell you about Chrono Trigger. While not as long as FF3, its still pretty long, and it has 13 initial endings, 30 if you count slight variations of endings!! You will want to start a new game as soon as you beat it, trust me! A huge part of Chrono Trigger is working to get all of the best endings, beating it with Chrono alone is the ultimate task (I've done it). You will probably play this game 3 times through before getting remotely bored with it. Replay value: 100


Chrono Trigger is put together stunningly well, and any RPG fan should definately check it out. It is one of Squaresofts last great, seemingly perfect masterpieces. You can play this game without fear of it sucking, nobody could dislike this game, get it.


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