Interview with Striker

Luigi sits down to chat with the only dude bad
enough to rescue the president

Luigi: Welcome, welcome and thanks for lending me your time.

Striker: Yeah

Luigi: Alright then, lets get right into it. First question, whatever happened to your partner?

Striker: I kicked his ass.

Luigi: Uh, really...? Why on Earth did you do that?

Striker: He pissed me off.

Luigi: Oh, I guess that would explain it. So, on to other topics, what kind of work have you been up to nowadays? Do you still work as a government badass?

Striker: I guess you could say that. I'm an auto mechanic.

Luigi: How could that be considered being a government badass?

Striker: Do you want me to kick your ass?

Luigi: (Gulp) Moving on, tell me about the time you rescued the president. What heroic thoughts went through your head when you were asked to rescue the president. Did you initially feel you were a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

Striker: Oh hell yeah. I never pass up a chance at kicking some kemosabe what-cha-ma-call-it Japanese ass. Not after they bombed Hawaii in World War 1.

Luigi: You mean World War 2.

Striker: You really want me to kick your ass, I can tell.

Luigi: (Scared) So.. uh.. tell us about what happened after you saved the president. Did you recieve an award? How are things between you and the president today?

Striker: Not so good. I kicked his ass.

Luigi: The president? What possesed you to beat up the president?

Striker: He pissed me off.

Luigi: Oh. Now Striker, answer this, why in the hell did you go walking through 2 miles of the city, on top of trains and through sewers, fighting ninjas, when you could have got a helicopter ride straight to the ninjas hideout?

Striker: Do you have a problem with the way I do my buisness? I think its time for me to kick your ass.

(Striker stands up, as Luigi is scared half to death)
(Striker pops luigi in the nose. He continues to stomp Luigi with his size 16 steel toed boots. Then he spits on Luigi and walks away)

Luigi: auuauagh.. I dont get paid enough money.. for these interviews (Falls unconscious)

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