Interview With Princess Toadstool

An interview with the princess of the mushroom kingdom. Is she as shy and defenseless as she seems? Find out in this exclusive interview. Mark, the hero of Bandais "Monster Party" for NES, will be the interviewer

Mark: Thanks for giving us this opportunity, princess.

Toadstool: You're welcome, the pleasures all mine.

Mark: Well, lets get down to it. First off, tell me how it is staying with that rotten Bowser for months at a time.

Toadstool: Actually, Bowser has a really neat place. Every time I go over there we watch movies, play games, and he makes some really good food. Then that idiot Mario shows up and acts as if hes "Saving" me. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to be rude, so I tell Bowser to play along with it and act as if he had "Captured" me. I don't want to hurt Marios feelings, thats why I do that.

Mark: Really? Very interesting... So tell me, princess, how do you feel about Pauline?

Toadstool: Huh? Whos Pauline?

Mark: Uh oh, you mean Mario never told you?

Toadstool: No, what?

Mark: Uh, hes been seeing this hussy named Pauline. He even saved her from a giant monkey.

Toadstool: WHAT!? He told me I was the only girl hes ever saved. Wait'll I get my hands on that Mario! And to think that I have been letting him save me all this time!

Mark: Uh.. moving on, heres something I always wondered. Just how big is, uh, y'know, LITTLE Mario?

Toadstool: Huh? What do you mean?

Mark: You know, LITTLE Mario.

Toadstool: Huh?

Mark: OH DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT! How big is Marios penal organ.

Toadstool: WHAT!?! What makes you think I would know THAT?

Mark: Oh come on! You mean he's saved you 5 times and you've NEVER given it up to him?

Toadstool: NO!? HOW RUDE!

Mark: Man, what a bit...

Toadstool: WHAT were you about to say you little pipsqueak?

Mark: Uh, I was gonna say what a bitty itty...

Toadstool: AAAARGH! //Pimpslaps mark// IM OUTTA HERE!! //Walks out//

Mark: Ouch. Well, there you have it folks. Now you know more about Princess Toadstool than you ever have before. I'm out.

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