Kiera Yin Cats Game Pond
The best message board on the net if you ask me

NES Collision!!!
New site featuring funny hybrid screenshots

Rad Razors rate the game
Here is a pretty nifty concept. James (Rad Razor) makes 'rate the game' threads at the Game Pond, and catalogues them all here. I like participating in these myself

RoyalRanger's NES Site
Brand new site. Needs work but the webmaster shows potential.

Another good NES site, but turn off JavaScript before going there (or be run over by pop-up ads)

Flying Omelettes Kitchen
This is shaping up to be an awesome site! FO is fast becoming my favorite active reviewer, add the reviews to her Kid Icarus shrine, NES oddities page and the fact that it's constantly updated, and you have a site you must check out

EmuNation: The Full Story
This site sets out to bring emulation and NES fandom together. Not much here right now, but its new, plus it has a special section on Sweet Home so you should be required by law to visit it.

The NES Triforce
One of the best classic sites is now making a comeback. It has a lot of cool people working on it (now if half of them would get something done ;) )

NES El33t
A tight site with multiple webmasters, frequent updates and a lot of great stuff

Official DZZY Classic Games Page
GREAT site with substantial reviews (even if I do disagree with a lot of them) and the funniest Funcoland section I've ever read

NES, Fucker
Not much there, but that doesn't matter. Quality over quantity, and this is one of the funniest sites out there.

Danbirds NES Site
Simply the best in ghetto NES sites

This Old NES
Shiek is cool, I think I'll put his link up. Really new site with some nice reads

Another new NES site. And they say the quality of NES sites is deteriorating, feh I say

The Old School Gamer
My favorite NES site, lots a stuff, good stuff

The Warriors Dungeon
Jointly owned, some good stuff

The Nintendo Classics Archive
Great site

AntroNES Archives
Another good one

Quizzles NES Page
Very nice, but abandoned. Why Quiz why?

Loogaroo's Lair of Looniness
A mainstay amongst NES sites

Willymans NES Games Page of Weird
Fairly new site (still older than this one though), I like the way its going

The 8-Bit Toaster
Mucho kickass site. Hobbes left the country for a couple years though :(

LegalStuff's NES page
He was the first guy to sign my guestbook

NES Message Board of NESescity
(ATTN: To access the board, go here first, sign up and wait a day or so for confirmation)


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