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In the future, this is where I will put all of the announcements that get pushed off the main page.


Grand Opening!!! I'm pleased to announce that the site is now open to the public. I'm very surprised at how much traffic I've gotten so far, even when I haven't advertised at all. Submitting to the search engines sure has paid off. Right now I'm going into the advertising phase, please look around my site, I think you'll like what I made here. I'm also very proud to say that I built the site purely with HTML programming, without using any style sheets or page making programs.

The reviews section is the main part of my site, there I have copied over all of the reviews from my old site, and have been busy yesterday and today making new reviews. I also have a preview secion, rantings... well you can see for yourself what I have on the table to the left. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy, and remember that the site is still young, it will be growing at a rapid rate in the near future, so stop by often. And dont forget to sign the guestbook!

(2/28/00) It's like 6 o'clock in the morning now, and I just can't sleep, so I've been making a lot of improvements to the site. I added a rantings section with a couple of rants, and did some over all touch ups. Also, I added a hit counter, guest book, and I added the main page to about a dozen search engines, plus I have signed up to make a poll and will do that soon, when I open the site to the public.

(2/28/00) Just past midnight I'm making this update, so it's really more like 2/27. I did a lot of stuff to the site after a long period of doing nothing. I created 4 previews, I copied over all of the reviews from my old site (but I still haven't written any original reviews for the site), I created many sections such as previews, the forum explanation and fan fictions etc. but some of them have nothing in them yet. I would have done a lot more but when I went to check my email I found out I had to clean up my entire account. Here's a quote from the email, "dear hotmail user, your account is too big. You must delete some of your messages, if your account is still too big by 2/29 the hotmail janitor will delete some of your messages at random. The current allowance is 2000 KB, and your account is 14,376 KB". My jaw dropped when I read that. And so I spent an hour and a half cleaning out my inbox when I should have been working on the site here. Oh well, the site should be ready for opening in no time at this rate and I still might make a few changes tonight (this morning).

(1/29/00) The first page of the site is created at 2:03 A.M. early morning. The site is under construction now and will not be open to everyone for some time, until it is finished. I am now starting on creating the reviews, editorials and other such sections.

(2/1/00) I've decided to give up on creating the site, for now at least. I'll continue to use it to learn and practice HTML, so if you happen to stumble upon this site, there's really nothing to see here.
2/17/00) OK, I've been learning a lot of new HTML lately so I'm ready to give it a go, I'll start work on some new sections (I don't know why I'm making announcements when no one has seen this yet).


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