My old site
It is abandoned now due to the fact that Homestead sucks, but it is definately worth a look if you haven't seen it yet.

EZboard's main page
The best message board service there is.

The Nformant
Nintendo news, previews, reviews, and more! Updated every single day.

Rays Crib
Another Angelfire site by my friend from Nsider, Ray.

Ravens World
A new site made by my good friend Raven. It has a lot of DBZ and Nintendo related stuff, and is updated often.

Gaimeguys Site
A new site made by my friend Gaimeguy. Doesn't have much on it right now, but it does have some javascript prompts and fights.

The 8-bit Toaster
A great NES site done by my friend Hobbes. This has gotta be the best looking site I've ever seen on Homestead.

Diamonds Nsider Page
My friend Diamonds site, which has a lot to do with Nsider but also has some reviews and lots of other stuff.

Kiera Yin Cats Game Center
My favorite message board, and one of the largest on EZboard.

Ultimate EZboard Gaming Ring
This is an EZboard made by me. Check out it's board ring for most of the best gaming forums on the entire net, in my opinion.

Main Page

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