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Emulation is only good for a handful of things. Getting screenshots, netplay options, and .nsms! NSMs (NESticle movies) are one of those great things that doesn't get talked about much. You can record yourself playing, upload it to the net, and show the world. The files don't take up much space, it doesn't actually record a movie as much as it memorizes your every movement and the enemy patterns. Here are some of mine, I plan to add more in the future, but first I need a new controller (the one I have now sticks). To use these, make sure you have NESticle and the ROM of the game, unzip it and put the nsm in the NESticle SAVE directory, or go to File > Directories > SAVE under NESticle and change the directory, and there you go!

It should be noted that unless it says otherwise, it is suggested to use these NSMs with version 4.3 of NESticle only. It has been brought to my attention that other versions such as 4.2 can cause clipping and possibly mess up the chain of events (to see what I'm talking about look at my Contra NSM in NESticle 4.2, and wait til level 3)

  • Contra - Me beating the game without dying

  • Super Mario Bros - minus world glitch

  • Super Mario Bros - 1-up trick
    submitted by Dan Giglio, use only NESticle version x.xx

  • Sweet Home - Next to last confrontation with Mamiya

  • Sweet Home - Ending

    My FAQs

    Recently I've taken up the hobby of writing FAQs. While I always submit my FAQs to first, I thought I would catalog them all here as well. This BY NO MEANS is an attempt to be an even near complete database of NES strategies, just a secondary home for my FAQs (i.e. something to make my site appear bigger ;)

    North and South Play Guide, 18 KB
    Skate or Die Ramp Guide, 9 KB
    Street Fighter 2010 Walkthrough/FAQ, 49 KB
    Sweet Home FAQ/Walkthrough, 50 KB


    This Sweet Home rom will probably be the only one I ever upload. If you came here looking for roms try or



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